Seen By God

Eric Crisp - Genesis 16:1-16. Protagonists of many stories have to survive wilderness experiences. We watch them overcome struggles of circumstance or...View Details


Steve DeNeff - Genesis 12:1-7. The Bible is full of stories that convict and inspire, but what if we read them again, this time as fairy tales, each w...View Details

The Gospel as Comedy

Matthew Beck - Acts 12:6-17. The book of Acts, more than any other book in the Bible, tells the Story of God with humor. The Holy Spirit-filled apostl...View Details

When the Spirit Comes

Lenny Luchetti - Acts 1:1-11; 2:1-13. Most of us wonder what will or should happen when the Holy Spirit comes upon the church. But according to Acts, ...View Details

Before and After

Ethan Linder - Luke 19:1-9. The story of Zacchaeus shows us how an ordinary day can be transformative for our values. In one meal, Zacchaeus transitio...View Details


Steve DeNeff - Psalm 46:1-11; John 20:19​-23. Things are changing quickly in our world (Psalm 46) but in the midst of all that change is a Community o...View Details

Hearts on Fire

Steve DeNeff - Psalm 119:97-105; Luke 24:13-16, 28-32, 36-37, 44-45. What is written in the Scriptures? How do we read them?  Why do some have more su...View Details

When the Word Speaks

Steve DeNeff - Psalm 19:7-11; Luke 24:25​-32, 44-48. When the Scriptures are read and interpreted in the company of good companions, Christ is present...View Details

The Wisdom of Each Other

Steve DeNeff - Proverbs 2:1-11; Luke 24:13-19a. In our Christian journey we need the right people and the right conversations. This is trickier than i...View Details

Eyes Wide Open

Steve DeNeff - Isaiah 32:1-4; Luke 24:28-35. At the heart of Easter is the message that Christ is alive and Christ is present, active in our midst. Ye...View Details

Running from Easter

Steve DeNeff - Luke 24:13-36. On the road to Emmaus the disciples are overwhelmed and running from Easter. But an encounter with Jesus reunites them t...View Details

Shaming Shame

Chris Bounds - Matthew 21:18-22. When Jesus curses the fig tree at the beginning of holy week, he is “shaming” the shame incurred by humanity in the F...View Details

The Unfaithful

Steve DeNeff - Matthew 20:20​-28, Psalm 42:1-11. The unfaithful are those who betray us. Like Judas and Peter, these are people who are supposed to be...View Details

The Subordinate

Steve DeNeff - Matthew 20:20-28, Psalm 42:1-11. As we continue to look at the uninvited companions who fill Jesus’ life and ours, this week we turn to...View Details

Deliver Us

Joanne Solis-Walker - Exodus 13:17-18. Sometimes God delivers us from difficult circumstances, and we walk in the valley, but not through the shadow o...View Details

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