When the Spirit Comes

Lenny Luchetti - Acts 1:1-11; 2:1-13. Most of us wonder what will or should happen when the Holy Spirit comes upon the church. But according to Acts, when the Spirit comes chains of bondage are broken. First, the disciples are set free from the chains of self-centered self-absorption (addictions and attachments). Then, the Holy Spirit hands the church the chain cutters inviting us to a mission of liberation. The Spirit empowers us to cut chains by witnessing with works and words. But in Acts, most of the times when the Spirit shows up, the church goes out to witness with words about Jesus. When the Spirit comes upon us we will be nudged to say something to someone somewhere about what Jesus has done for us and can do for them too. Obeying that nudge to witness with words has the potential to bring chain breaking jubilee to a diversity of people with a diversity of needs.

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