College Wesleyan Church Podcast

What Are You Waiting for?

July 21, 2019

Steve DeNeff - Psalm 130-131. As Americans we are not accustomed to waiting nor do we wait for the right things. This song, sung on the temple steps by a seeker on his way into worship, describes one whose heart is pure even if the rest of him is not. He was once in the depths (v.1) and has found God’s forgiveness (v.4), but he has not yet found redemption (v.7). Here on the steps, between forgiveness and redemption, he waits (v.5-6) for himself and for his people. One day, he/they will be what God created him/them to be. Meanwhile, he quiets himself like a child in his mother’s arms (131:2), content for now yet longing to be what he was created to be. What are you waiting for? And what are you doing while you wait? If we wait for the right things, and we wait in the right way, God will fulfill His promise to redeem us in the end.