CWC Sermons

The Rudder

October 10, 2016

Rev. Steve DeNeff - Proverbs 10:11-14; 18-21.  "Even though words have gone wild, they still matter. In fact, words shape our destiny. James says that the tongue is like a tiny rudder that is used to steer a ship. They take us in one direction or another. Yet how often we get careless with our words. In Proverbs, the wise and the foolish talk differently. The words of the wise are powerful and bring efficient. The words of a fool are empty and profuse. So before we say it, or before we press “send” we should stop and listen to the wisdom of Proverbs for what is at stake is not only the feelings of others, but our own destiny as well. This sermon will focus on the differences between the wise and foolish use of words, and give practical wisdom for learning a righteous economy of speech."