The House was Filled with the Fragrance

February 18, 2018
Steve DeNeff - John 12:1-8. Today Jesus is in Bethany (which means “house of the poor”), in Mary and Martha’s home, at a dinner in his honor. During the meal, Mary pours a pint of alabaster, an expensive and potent perfume, onto the feet of Jesus and wipes them with her hair. This simple act of devotion creates controversy even outrage among Jesus’ disciples who have better plans for the money. But in this act, disciples of every generation are encouraged to pour their best, their possessions, their glory and the sum of their work onto the feet of Jesus.  Sooner or later, all that we have and all that we’ve done will end at the feet of Jesus.  So this sermon will call us to offer it now, intentionally and generously, while we can.