Present Promises

December 31, 2017
Rev. Alex Mandura - Luke 2:22-33. We are a hurried and restless people. We are always ready for the next, running from one thing to another. Even on this first Sunday of Christmas we are rushing from the ending of one year, and pining for the next. Many of us have already plotted out how this next year is going to be different. We are ready for the shiny new year, ready to see the old gone, ready for new declarations, new beginnings, ready for our time to be different than before. A problem with this impatient rushing to the next is that we might end up forgetting the promises of God. We might even miss “new life” that God has been giving us along the way. Our story/text today shows us what it is to wait, to remember, to recognize and to take hold of present promises as we step eagerly into the unknown.