Now My Heart is Troubled and What Shall I Say?

March 4, 2018

Rev Steve DeNeff - John 12:27-33. As the Greeks appear, Jesus sees forward into his impending death and it is as though two roads appear, one called “Save me from this hour” and another called “Glorify your Name.” Jesus himself appears standing at the fork, where the roads diverge, and from here he says, “Now my heart is troubled and what shall I say?” There is, in every person’s life, at least one crisis that puts us at this fork in the road. Before us lies divergent paths – save me from this hour, and glorify thy Name – and we must choose which road to take. After we make our decision, our decision will make us and it will powerfully shape the rest of our lives. This sermon will help people find themselves, at the fork in the road, and encourage them to choose to glorify His Name.