CWC Sermons

Lifestyles of the Rich

October 23, 2016

Rev Steve DeNeff - Proverbs 10:15-16; 11:24-28. "Prosperity and ruin are two of the most obvious consequences of the wise and foolish.  But we should be careful here, for neither prosperity nor ruin mean what our culture believes. Many who seek prosperity are ruined by the very thing they seek. In Proverbs, the rich can be poor and the poor can be rich, depending on the relation that either has with wisdom. Prosperity is not simply money, but a lifestyle and it has, not only a different income, but a different mindset, different values, different ways, and a different relationship with our money. So what are the rules that lead to this prosperity? And what are the sins (so prevalent in our culture) that don’t? How shall the remnant live, in relation to their possessions, to show that we belong to the kingdom of God?"