Learning Christ

Rev Steve DeNeff - Ephesians 4:17-24. After every miracle comes the quiet, invisible work of aligning the rest of our lives with the something only God could do. After feeding the five thousand, we must gather the left overs (Lk 9:17). After the paralytic is healed, we must repair the roof (Lk 5:19). After Lazarus has been raised from the dead, we must remove his grave clothes (Jn 11:44). Even so, the work that follows the miracle of new life is the slow and sometimes frustrating process of renewing our mind until we have the very mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16; Phil 2:5). Most of us do not have a plan for this and so the mind is often the last thing converted, if it is ever converted at all. Yet because it lies at the bottom of all our instincts and desires, the transformation of our mind is essential to the process of having Christ "fully formed in us.” In this sermon we'll peer into the black box that is the Christian mind and discover how we can cooperate with God in the miracle of our conversion.

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