In Plain Sight

January 28, 2018
Eric Crisp - Psalm 119:97-106; Luke 10:21-24. There is nothing in this world that bears witness to things unseen like the Word of God. Yet many who are familiar with their Bible are blind to things unseen. The trouble is not in what is written, but in how we read it. Those who see clearly read it differently and they consistently obey what they read. Indeed, obedience is the best exegesis of Scripture: “Go to Siloam and wash . . . so he went and washed and came home seeing,” (John 9:7). Like walking into a dark cave, each act of obedience takes us further in where we can see what we weren’t in position to see before. This sermon will explore the way in which Scripture lights a path for those who walk behind it, then provide a set of questions for each traveler to ask.