CWC Sermons

Good News for Pharisees

February 9, 2020
Matthew Beck - Genesis 3:6-7, Luke 11:37-44, Luke 5:29-32. At first glance, the clean-unclean metaphor in Scripture seems lost on us today. But perhaps the meaning is hidden in plain sight for an image-controlling culture that can no longer tell what is filtered and what is real. We, like the Pharisees, are experts at cleaning the outside. But are we what we appear to be? The good news is that Christ can make us clean on the inside.
Reflection Questions:
  1. Is my interior life consistent with my exterior life? 

  2. Am I being honest with God and others about what’s truly going on inside?

  3. Does my version of purity separate me from and alienate the very people that need God? 

  4. What might Christ want to clean inside me?