Deliver Us

Joanne Solis-Walker - Exodus 13:17-18. Sometimes God delivers us from difficult circumstances, and we walk in the valley, but not through the shadow of death (like COVID, oppression, illness). Sometimes God delivers us from ourselves because of our circumstances or our foolishness (our insecurities, lack of confidence/entitlement, blindness, narrow-mindedness, pride, biases, or because of what oppression, trauma, or life challenges have imposed upon us). Sometimes God does not deliver us (not because He can't but because He knows what we don't know), and we walk through the valley of the shadow of death (like Jesus in the desert - temptations, Jesus in the garden - pass this cup, Jesus on the cross - death).

Our response: What if God does not do what we think God should do, and as a result, our loved ones die, there are abuse and oppression? What happens when God does not deliver us?

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