CWC Sermons

An Other Priority

March 19, 2017

Steve DeNeff - Luke 9:57-62. Everyone is busy. Our schedules are crowded. Our plates are full. Multi-tasking is a sign of importance and Balance a sign of maturity. Sadly, much of our discipleship today is about adding yet another commitment to a growing list of priorities. The result is a "junk drawer" of commitments, collected over time, each one detached from all the others; too valuable to throw away yet too peripheral to re-order the others. It's not that we have too little time to do all the things we need to do; it's that we do too many things in the time we have. So the "way" of Jesus is a narrowing of our priorities down to one, until we are preoccupied with him, until we have absorbed all other priorities - even the most noble - into his call to "follow." But how can we, who have other commitments and promises to keep, become preoccupied with only Him? How can we "let the dead bury the dead" while still honoring our ties and our obligations to them?