CWC Sermons

An Other Economy

April 5, 2017

Steve DeNeff - Luke 18:18-27; 19:1-10.  As Jesus nears Jerusalem we see a contrast between a rich young ruler (18:18-27) and an old, well-established tax collector; both ambitious and wealthy, both well known in the community, and both very interested in Jesus. As is often the case with Jesus, things are not as they seem. In the conversion of Zacchaeus - which is meant to be typical of our own conversion - we see an other economy in which generosity is the norm. In this economy, Jesus challenges our most fundamental beliefs about our possessions and calls us to act in a way that is consistent to these new beliefs. In this economy, wealth is not measured by what we possess, but by what we give away. The self-sufficient are "sad" and desperate (18:23), while the desperate are made whole (or "saved," 19:9). It is one thing to admire the generous, which most of us are prone to do, but it's something more to imitate them because we actually believe in their values. That's what this sermon will call us to do.