Before and After

Ethan Linder - Luke 19:1-9. The story of Zacchaeus shows us how an ordinary day can be transformative for our values. In one meal, Zacchaeus transitio...View Details


Steve DeNeff - Psalm 46:1-11; John 20:19​-23. Things are changing quickly in our world (Psalm 46) but in the midst of all that change is a Community o...View Details

Hearts on Fire

Steve DeNeff - Psalm 119:97-105; Luke 24:13-16, 28-32, 36-37, 44-45. What is written in the Scriptures? How do we read them?  Why do some have more su...View Details

When the Word Speaks

Steve DeNeff - Psalm 19:7-11; Luke 24:25​-32, 44-48. When the Scriptures are read and interpreted in the company of good companions, Christ is present...View Details

The Wisdom of Each Other

Steve DeNeff - Proverbs 2:1-11; Luke 24:13-19a. In our Christian journey we need the right people and the right conversations. This is trickier than i...View Details

Eyes Wide Open

Steve DeNeff - Isaiah 32:1-4; Luke 24:28-35. At the heart of Easter is the message that Christ is alive and Christ is present, active in our midst. Ye...View Details

Running from Easter

Steve DeNeff - Luke 24:13-36. On the road to Emmaus the disciples are overwhelmed and running from Easter. But an encounter with Jesus reunites them t...View Details

Shaming Shame

Chris Bounds - Matthew 21:18-22. When Jesus curses the fig tree at the beginning of holy week, he is “shaming” the shame incurred by humanity in the F...View Details

The Unfaithful

Steve DeNeff - Matthew 20:20​-28, Psalm 42:1-11. The unfaithful are those who betray us. Like Judas and Peter, these are people who are supposed to be...View Details

The Subordinate

Steve DeNeff - Matthew 20:20-28, Psalm 42:1-11. As we continue to look at the uninvited companions who fill Jesus’ life and ours, this week we turn to...View Details

Deliver Us

Joanne Solis-Walker - Exodus 13:17-18. Sometimes God delivers us from difficult circumstances, and we walk in the valley, but not through the shadow o...View Details

Absolute Power

Steve DeNeff - John 11:47​-54, 12:1-3, 9-11; Psalm 57:1-11. As we continue the “Me to We” journey we’ll be looking at our “uninvited companions.” This...View Details

Uninvited Companions

Steve DeNeff - Psalm 3; John 8:31​-43, 48-59. Each of us have critics that we can’t impress. We should stop trying because the key to dealing with our...View Details

Steve DeNeff - Luke 6:27​-36; Psalm 23. Central to Jesus’ Community is the right disposition toward one’s enemies. The sons and daughters of God – the...View Details

Steve DeNeff - Nazareth: The Purpose of a Family - Isaiah 61:1-3; Luke 4:14​-22. When Jesus returns to his hometown, the Spirit is on him and the purp...View Details

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